San Diego Surf School Will Host 9th Annual Grom Comp at Crystal Pier on Oct. 13

San Diego Surf School will hold the ninth annual Grom Comp on October 13 at Crystal Pier, with check-in to start at 6:30 a.m. For the past eight years, young and upcoming surfers have gotten a taste of competition at past Grom Comp events in San Diego. Surfers can register for Grom Comp 2018 now for free at the San Diego Surf School website, and those wishing to help out with the competition are invited to get in touch for more information.

“Grom Comp 2018 is on the way, and we expect it to be the biggest and best yet,” said San Diego Surf School owner Souf Tihhi. “Last year, 163 young surfers impressed our judges and wowed the audience with their skills and lines. Surfing is an incredibly rewarding sport in its own right, and competing makes it even more so. The first Grom Comp was held to give young surfers a free and welcoming way to get started with competition, and it has been growing ever since. We can’t wait to see the show this year’s entrants will put on.”

Surfing has been part of Polynesian culture for many centuries, but it was not until relatively recently that formal competitions became common. A global surge in interest after World War II gave rise to the first professional surfing contests in the 1960s, with competition purses and profiles steadily swelling over the years since.

San Diego Surf School is Southern California’s top source for surf camps, retreats, and programs; competitive training; and private, semi-private, and group surf lessons for students of all ages. Founded to “share the stoke” and help every student see how surfing is more than a sport, San Diego Surf School has become the most trusted and highly rated company of its kind in an area that is genuinely passionate about surfing.

At the 2018 Grom Comp, surfers aged 5 through 17 will compete at San Diego’s Crystal Pier in seven different divisions. Judges will assess surfers based on their performances in four separate categories, with creativity, form, power, and speed, and wave selection all contributing to the scores that will be handed out. The surf contest organizers expect a lot more young, upcoming surfers to enter the 2018 event than did last year’s record-setting competition. A convenient online registration system, active now at the San Diego Surf School website, allows surfers and their parents to sign up for the ninth annual surf competition on October 13.