Why Surfing

There is no doubt that in today’s world, we are no longer searching for the benefits that “things” provide. Rather, we are searching for things that will create an experience for us and add value to our lives. Being outdoors and exploring the world has become a lifestyle for many of us in the past few years. The value of being outdoors and being active is evaluated based on benefits to health and a sense of well-being. For that reason, many sports and activities such as surfing, rock climbing, and skiing have boomed and grown from small, locally practiced sports to millions around the world searching for that adventure.


Surfing for example (as well as spin-offs like stand-up paddleboarding) is becoming one of the world’s hottest wellness and fitness trends, reaching people from all demographics and backgrounds. This pattern created a new type of tourism, where people travel around the world to experience new waves and beaches in more than 160 countries. Click here to find the Coolest Surf Towns in the World:



Let’s not forget to mention that some of us are into surfing just for the fashion. Even though surf culture is entirely anti-commercial, Surf Fashion is still a multi-billion-dollar business and continues to grow over the years. Major industry participants include Shieco Group, Rip Curl, Quiksilver Inc., O’Neill, Carapace Wetsuits, Aqua Lung, Arena Italia SPA, Billabong, Pittasoft, Body Glove, and Glidz Wetsuits.


Surfing is a male-founded sport and has been dominated by men for years. In recent years, however, many women ( AKA Surfer Girls) are making their way through the waves. Surfing just makes sense for the female body. It does not require extreme strength, and petite women with a lighter and more graceful figure have an advantage in regular waves. Celebrity male surfers like Mick Fanning (AU) and Gabriel Medina (Brazil) now share headlines with women like Carissa Moore (HAW), Courtney Conlogue (USA), and Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS). Find more here: http://www.surfertoday.com/surfing/12470-the-top-surfers-of-the-2016-world-surf-league

So now that you that you have more than one reason to start surfing, you are probably wondering where to start. Here is an idea:


Adult Surf camps were often endeavors only a diehard surfer would take on. However, because of the rising trend of surf fitness and the excellent health benefits surfing provides, men and women are willing to give it a try.


The surf retreat program is a proven program to provide a subtle, yet exhilarating surfing progression leading to confidence in water and wave selection. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your friends or family members to try something new and take part of a life-changing experience.
By the end of the retreat week, participants will be able to analyze surf conditions and currents, identify the essential components of a surfboard, differentiate primary types of surfboards for individual goals and styles of surfing, and progress to selecting and catching waves independently. The program includes professional surf instructors and educators to individualize the experience for personal surfing goals and outcomes.
Not only that, but you also have options to add in Yoga session to help you stretch out your body after a surfing session to prepare you for the next day. Remember those ski lessons, and how sore you were after the first day? The first day of surfing will be similar and maybe just as fun or more with a sore body at the end of the day. For an ultimate experience, the packages are also equipped with massage and hotel options to make it a complete getaway.