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Looking for some great team building activities for work? Intended for bonding, team building, and/or worker appreciation outings for companies, our corporate team building packages are always customized. We often work with local companies in the area. We are open 7 days a week all year long allowing for flexibility with your unique schedule. We have hosted as many as 50 clients for corporate team building; including downtown conventions, annual holiday parties, companies that have recently made a new hire, and many other corporate events.


  • Make an entire afternoon or day out of the event. We will provide canopies, chairs, hydration, and surf equipment for our guests, allowing for not only a great surf session, but also for showing off one of San Diego’s best beaches.
  • All group team building packages included a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. WE ARE THE ONLY SURF SCHOOL WITH THIS RATIO. Quality and safety matter to us; this is why our clients come back year after year, hosting more corporate team building events.
  • Photography and San Diego Surf School hats or t-shirts are all included in the package
  • Customization. We have hosted groups of 5 to groups of 50, ordered pizzas, set up extra canopies, one-hour lessons to three-hour lessons–let us know your needs and we will design a custom package perfect for your group.
  • Coworkers get to know each other outside the office in a fun and safe setting. Surf lessons also promote a healthy lifestyle while having fun and learning a new skill.
  • Teamwork is built when coworkers cheer each other on. We provide all the equipment needed and can almost guarantee that everyone will be talking about this around the water cooler the next day.
  • Creates relationships among coworkers.
  • Coworkers learn something new together.
  • Coworkers are on the same playing field.
  • Coworkers interact in an unusual and unique setting.
  • Coworkers see their peers learning and improving in a sport.
  • Creates relationships between coworkers, learn something new with your coworkers, interact with your coworkers, relationship building, trust and patience building between workers and surf instructors.
  • Learn skills applicable to the workplace. Communication, following directions, working through frustrations and staying focused on the goal, patience (learn to appreciate the importance of patience when explaining unfamiliar concepts to others), trust (as they learn to trust their instructors who will put them in a wave/position to succeed and not a terrible wave where they will wipeout) are all important skills that are refined when surfing is one of your team building activities for work.

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