What to pack? The list of surf trip essentials.

Whether a novice perhaps headed for your first surf retreat or a surf trip pro, there are a few must haves to be packed along with your travel bag to make for the most of the next adventure. We recommend packing light to be able to maximize the surfing conditions of your next destination.

So, what are the necessities to pack for your next surf trip? Surfboards-are a given. Listed here a few other must haves for your next surf adventure.


Whether a pro or beginner, it’s always recommended to bring a few surfboards as ocean currents and conditions are always changing. For those newer to surfing, be sure to check the local conditions and types of breaks ahead of time to best determine the type of board best for those conditions.

Knowing the conditions, water temperature and weather for the upcoming destination will determine the type of wetsuit-if needed- or rashguard to pack along with the other surfing necessities to keep you comfortable while in the water and on the board.

In addition to surfboards, be sure to pack extra fins, the fin box, surf wax, leashes, and some gorilla glue to hold you until you get back. Sometimes the inevitable happens from a board ding, to a broken board-hopefully it won’t happen, but just in case you’ve come prepared to maximize surfing during travel.


The beauty of surfing is being in the mix of nature and some of the most epic landscapes. From pristine desolate beaches of Southern Baja to gigantic redwoods and cliffs scaling the Northern California coastline, there is bound to be endless photo ops to capture in between surfing sessions.

Be sure to pack extra batteries or battery charger to catch those early morning golden hour moments as the fog is rolling off the glassy ocean, just before you enter the water. This will be just the photos to create a “docu” of your latest surf trip to make that coffee table book.


Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, a hat or two, and water bottle to allow you the most time in the water. Some of the best surfing spots in the world enjoy the most perfect weather, a mix of tropical humidity and a whole lot of sunshine.


Surf travel is as much of surfing as it is enjoying the surrounding area and beaches. Be sure to pack your towel at the very least to refresh and rejuvenate between sessions. This is also a great time for Additionally, pack your snorkel and fins in your surfboard bag if you have room to capture some of the most serene marine life tucked away in the reefs. California coastline is home to the garibaldi-iridescent bright orange fish-along with playful dolphin, bound to surf a wave or two alongside. Wherever your surf travel may find you, be sure to enjoy the marine life as part of the entire experience.


Pack in a carry on type bag to keep you moving swiftly and able to catch those early morning or sunset sessions. Along with a light jacket, clothes, swimwear & flip-flops, include some hiking apparel. It’s also recommended to pack a light first aid kit with the toiletries. We recommend carrying a light travel bag to carry on in the plane when traveling far and nearby to leave more room for surf equipment and more time in the water.

Take a look at San Diego Surf School for some tips on the best surf destinations for beginners.

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