Food From Your San Diego Surf School Staff

San Diego isn’t just famous for its pristine beaches and perfect waves; it’s also a haven for food lovers. At San Diego Surf School, our staff is as passionate about good food as they are about catching the perfect wave. Whether you’re visiting for surf lessons or just to soak in the SoCal vibes, you can’t miss these favorite local eateries recommended by our team. Here’s a culinary tour of San Diego through the eyes of our surf school staff, featuring some must-visit spots.

Pizza Port

When it comes to grabbing a bite after a long day of surfing, Pizza Port is a unanimous favorite. Located in various spots across San Diego, this local chain is renowned for its hand-tossed pizzas and extensive selection of craft beers. Our staff loves the laid-back atmosphere and the communal tables, perfect for sharing stories about the day’s best waves. The Carlsbad location is a standout for its proximity to the beach, making it an ideal spot to refuel.

What to Try:

  • Monterey Pizza: Topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts.
  • San Clemente Pizza: Loaded with pepperoni, sausage, and meatball, it’s a meat lover’s dream.

Don Tommy’s

For a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, Don Tommy’s is the place to be. This hidden gem offers some of the best tacos in San Diego, and it’s a favorite among our staff for a quick and delicious meal. Known for its friendly service and affordable prices, Don Tommy’s has a loyal following among locals.

What to Try:

  • Carne Asada Tacos: Juicy, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned.
  • Supreme Breakfast Burrito: A San Diego staple, stuffed with potato, bacon, egg, cheese, pico de gallo

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

If you’re a seafood lover, Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is a must-visit. This local chain is beloved for its fresh, flavorful seafood dishes. From ceviche to grilled fish tacos, Oscar’s offers a taste of the ocean that’s hard to beat. Our staff often heads to the Pacific Beach location after a surf session.

What to Try:

  • Taco Especial: A delicious combination of smoked fish, shrimp, and scallops.
  • Fish Tacos: Freshly caught and perfectly grilled, they’re a perennial favorite.

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

For a more casual seafood dining experience, the Pacific Beach Fish Shop is top of the list. This spot is perfect for enjoying a relaxed meal with friends after hitting the waves. The Fish Shop is known for its customizable menu – you choose your fish, marinade, and preparation style.

What to Try:

  • TKO Taco: Marinated Mahi Mahi topped with house-made Fish Shop seasoning.
  • Fish & Chips: A classic, done to perfection with a crispy batter and tender fish.

Leilani’s Cafe

When it comes to breakfast or brunch, Leilani’s Cafe is a beloved spot among our staff. This Hawaiian-inspired cafe offers a range of delicious dishes that bring a touch of the islands to San Diego. The laid-back vibe and hearty portions make it a perfect start to any day.

What to Try:

  • Kahlua Pork Benedict: A Hawaiian twist on the classic eggs benedict.
  • Açaí Bowl: Fresh, fruity, and refreshing, it’s a perfect post-surf meal.

Harry’s Taco Club

For a fun and vibrant dining experience, Harry’s Taco Club is a go-to. Known for its lively atmosphere and excellent tacos, Harry’s is a favorite for both its food and its ambiance. Located in Pacific Beach, it’s a great spot to unwind with friends.

What to Try:

  • Shrimp Tacos: Grilled to perfection and topped with a zesty slaw.
  • Al Pastor Tacos: Flavorful and tender, with a hint of sweetness from the pineapple.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these eateries recommended by the San Diego Surf School staff offer a delicious glimpse into the city’s diverse culinary scene. From pizza and seafood to authentic Mexican dishes and Hawaiian flavors, there’s something for everyone. So next time you’re in San Diego, make sure to check out these spots for a meal that’s as memorable as the waves you’ll surf. Happy eating!