Meet Our Surf Instructor Zane!

Meet Zane, she is one of one of our amazing surf instructors at San Diego Surf School. Not only is Zane an awesome instructor, but she is an amazing surfer. She has been surfing for 11 years and over these years, has become a serious surfer, competing in many competitions. One of the cool things about Zane is that as a grom, she learned to surf right here at the San Diego Surf School and then came back as an adult to teach other kids! We sat down and talked to Zane about her experiences to learn what it was like to be both a student  and teacher at San Diego Surf School.  

When did you learn to surf? 

 What a good question. Probably 2011. I learned to surf here at the San Diego Surf School. 

How long did you attend camp at the San Diego Surf School?

I did one summer and then I did the after school program and then the next summer I hung out and surfed every day, near Law street. 

Can you talk about some of your favorite experiences at the Surf School? 

There were a couple. When I first went to the outside, my instructor kept pushing me into these really awesome waves that I was eventually able to ride.  I pushed little kids into waves for the San Diego Surf School competitions when I was a little kid. So I was maybe, 13, pushing 8 year olds into little waves.  I also remember the walks we took during camp, I loved the walks when I was young. 

What do you like about surfing? 

I like that like feeling of like gliding, it feels really peaceful.

What its like being an instructor teaching kids with your experience? 

It makes me feel old and it’s just so relatable. I remember how important my instructors were to me, so being the instructor now, I feel like I’m making a difference. 

Learning to surf at the San Diego Surf School has allowed Zane to excel in her one surfing abilities and share her passion with others. For her, it didn’t matter if she was a teacher or a student, just as long as she could keep coming back to the San Diego Surf School to share the stoke with others.