Surf, Stretch, and Relax with your Newlywed

The honeymoon is a time of pure love and excitement. It’s the last chance to truly connect with your partner before you begin a new life as a committed pair. Regardless of where it may be, your perfect honeymoon destination should promote carefree relaxation and intimacy—a place where love inspires unity and connection, and the daily stresses disappear. At San Diego Surf School, we believe that surfing, yoga, and massage provide the perfect environment for bonding through a balance of relaxation and adventure. Here’s why:


We strongly believe that surfing is more a remedy for life than a sport. It is an exciting physical task to dedicate yourself to, encouraging a spiritual connection between mind and body and kicking stress out the door. It is an adventure to “dive” into together, which will inevitably strengthen your bond as partners.

Not only does surfing take commitment, patience, and balance—much like a relationship—but through practice, connecting with the ocean becomes a celebration of self and body. Your partner is there as emotional support, cheering you on as you catch your first wave. After a long day of surfing, there is nothing better than being rewarded with a gorgeous San Diego sunset while floating in the water next to your sweetheart.


To prepare for yoga, you must open up your mind and allow yourself to go through the process. The Art of Living believes in this “yes” mindset:

“’Yes’ is the balance needed to create a haven of communication, a space to rest in the relationship. ‘Yes’ to each other means, ‘yes’ to giving each other space, and ‘yes’ to just being together in silence. It means saying ‘yes’ to each other’s mistakes, unforeseen expectations and weaknesses. This spiritual wisdom can bring the strength not to fall out of the yoga pose.”

Not only do you strengthen your relationship with your own body, but you vow to create a space of balance, reflection, and meditation with your partner that will go on to strengthen your commitment to each other.


A massage relieves you of your stresses about the future and allows you to relax in the present. Elizabeth Mitchell for the Fashion Spot reports that a couples massage will increase your feelings of affection for each other simply through touch. After a masseuse stimulates and loosens your muscles, those good feelings of relaxation and release will carry through to your cuddle time together outside of the session.

Mitchell also suggests that a massage will encourage bonding. As in yoga and surfing, you and your partner are committing to a shared adventure, and having each other along for the ride will bring you closer—especially if a couples massage is a new experience for both of you. It adds a little “spice” to your relationship that’ll invite the intimacy you’re looking for.

What better place to experience all three of these activities than the beautiful and sunny city of San Diego? With our gorgeous beaches, impressive skyline, and comfortable Mediterranean climate, there is no better city to bring on the romance. Even better—San Diego Surf School offers five-day, three-day, or weekend-long adult retreats that include all three of these activities. You can book for up to nine surfers—in case you want to plan the ultimate surfing getaway for your bachelor/bachelorette party. We’ll even help you book at one of our special partner hotels to keep that stress at bay.

Visit our website to plan a surf honeymoon in the beautiful San Diego.