Why Stand Up Paddleboards Are a Must!

So, you’ve been seeing a lot of people using stand up paddle boards lately, and you’re wondering what’s so special about them. For real, are they surfboards? …or kayaks? Just some new hybrid thing on the market? Actually, no; Paddleboards have been around for ages, and they are their own entity entirely!

Hawaii holds the roots of this popular modern sport that is taking the nation by storm. Paddleboards were used initially centuries ago by the natives for easy transportation and fishing along the Hawaiian coasts and inland rivers. The board’s versatility is what has made it so popular today; seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to hit the ocean’s rolling waves, navigate a river’s current, or just glide along serenely on a calm lake; the paddle board can take you anywhere!

Man paddleboarding

I know, you’re thinking it’ll be too hard to keep your balance out there on the water; but don’t judge this board by appearance! Modern designs have increased stability to a significant degree, to the point where tipping almost takes effort. All you have to do is start out in a kneeling position on some calm, shallow water; take your time. When you’re comfortable, slowly stand up. It won’t take you long to get your stability; …and then you’ll be addicted like everyone else!

Ready to give it a try? Come and see us today for lessons on the paddleboard! We’ll get you started on a lifetime of adventures you can’t afford to miss!