5 Ways a Yoga Practice Will Improve Your Surfing Skills

Surfers looking to take their skills to the next level might spend a lot of time on the waves practicing their sport. But the best ones know that training doesn’t happen on the beach alone.

Some of the biggest names in the sport have turned to yoga to complement their routine. This centuries-old discipline can have beneficial effects on an athlete’s mind, body, and overall conditioning. Yoga for surfers is a hot topic these days, so you should take the time to learn more about it.



Yoga is an exercise that requires a steady sense of balance. By engaging several muscle groups simultaneously, it increases your strength and helps train your muscles to work efficiently together.

Arm balancing,an essential part of many yoga poses, helps build upper body and core strength. Standing poses can significantly improve lower body strength and stabilize the joints in your hips.


Balancing and improving your core is essential for surfing. A strong base means more adaptability and power in the water as well as less pain after a day on the waves.

Yoga can target essential areas like your abs, obliques, back, pelvis, and hips. These core muscle groups stabilize your spine and improve your ability to bend, flex, and rotate your torso.


Surfers know all too well the stiffness and aches that come with intense paddling. Their necks, shoulders, and upper back muscles can take a beating, but practicing yoga may prevent these problems.

Utilizing yoga before and after surfing can warm up many areas of the body and alleviate pain and pressure. Opening up the chest and shoulder area, loosening tight hips, and lengthening the spine are just a few of the benefits of yoga for surfers.


Breathing exercises are an essential aspect of yoga that crosses directly into surfing. Holding isometric poses regulates breathing patterns. Over time, yoga may improve breath control and increase lung capacity.

The concentration required for deep breathing is also helpful for surfers. Learning to focus and calm your mind can be a significant benefit when waves hold you down, or when taking on more difficult moves.


Flexibility on your board allows you more control over unpredictable water. Besides core strength, you need the ability to twist and maneuver in the blink of an eye through tricky swells.

Yoga is perfect for improving flexibility through the lengthening of muscles. The ability to flow with the waves means less injury and more adaptability.


Yoga and surfing go hand in hand. They complement each other, leading to enhanced athletic performance and reduced injury risk.

The benefits of yoga for surfers are well-documented. This practice might be your most important tool to stay sharp when you’re on land while helping your body warm up and recover from a day on the beach. Nowadays, you’ll hardly find a surfer who doesn’t get in some daily asanas.

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