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Pacific Beach Surfing

Best Surf Spots in Pacific Beach

Crystal Pier

Crystal Pier is a piece of history cherished by the locals in San Diego and is an attraction to visitors. It has stood since 1927 offering a panoramic ocean view, a relaxing place to chill; but most importantly the Pier itself enhances the waves since it acts as a barrier, thus altering the beach’s topography with more sand-bottom beach breaks, and with the reef breaks, surfers can enjoy a variety of waves suitable for all skill levels.

Law Street

Law Street Beach is just a brief drive away from downtown San Diego; and offers convenient access. Upon arrival, one is welcomed by the golden sands, refreshing ocean breezes, and the soothing sound of the waves breaking. Law Street Beach is perfect for aspiring surfers who are eager to learn but haven’t yet perfected their surfing skills. The waves are gentle and easy to handle; excellent for beginners to hone their abilities.


Tourmaline Beach in San Diego is comfortably accessible and situated in a beautiful area with stunning views. Surfers are drawn to it for its consistent and beginner-friendly waves, making it ideal for novice surfers, or seasoned chill surfers, especially longboarder enthusiasts. The beach also boasts a vibrant surf community, who are warm, welcoming, and supportive.

Experienced surfers relishing the challenge of large waves, or tourists enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, all find Pacific Beach to be a paradise. Stretching from Garnet Avenue to Mission Boulevard with its exuberant bars, restaurants, and venues, this area captivates visitors with its picturesque scenery, enticing them to try surfing.

Both seasoned surfers and newcomers appreciate Pacific Beach for its consistent waves, sandy beaches, friendly locals steeped in surfing history and culture, great weather, and laid-back atmosphere. The easy access to amenities such as parking, restrooms, showers, and nearby shops and restaurants also grants visitors peace of mind.

A surfing student laying down on their board in the shoreline giving the shaka sign

Pacific Beach Surf Lessons

We deeply cherish surfing, seeing it not just as a sport but as a lifestyle. Our team provides personalized private and group lessons tailored to every skill level, ensuring individualized attention. We take advantage of Pacific Beach’s excellent waves to create an ideal learning environment for all skill levels. Our Pacific Beach surf lessons are led by carefully selected professional instructors who are certified lifeguards.

Pacific Beach Surf Camps

Our Beach Surf Camps offer kids a chance to enjoy beach life to the fullest, guided by professional, licensed instructors who prioritize safety and learning, aside from fun. Camp durations range from 1 to 5 days, operating year-round with inclusive and diverse community vibes. The package includes all necessary equipment and even snacks, ensuring a memorable and energizing experience.

Pacific Beach Surf Retreats

Our Adult Surf Retreats provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience covering various aspects of surfing each day. Led by highly trained and certified instructors, participants gain a deep understanding of surfing techniques, etiquette, San Diego’s surfing history, tide assessment, wave analysis, equipment selection, and more. Safety is prioritized throughout the retreat, with expert knowledge in water safety, first aid, and CPR protocols. Retreats range from 1 to 5 days, offering a valuable and cherished experience for surf enthusiasts.

Pacific Beach is a must see beach in San Diego. But, when it comes to Pacific Beach surfing, there are a few things you should know:

1. Pacific Beach is very friendly and welcoming

Most popular surfing spots develop specific cultures and attitudes that are typically unwelcoming to newcomers and beginners. However, Pacific Beach is free of that kind of attitude! People of all levels (from beginners to experts) are welcome.

2. What are the waves like?

Pacific Beach has waves almost all the time, with the best surf being in the early mornings. The wave breaks in Pacific Beach are nice and soft, so there is minimal risk of injury, which makes the beach perfect for beginners learning to surf.

3. The parking and bathroom situation

Unlike Mission Beach, Pacific Beach does not have a designated parking lot or bathrooms right along the beach. There are parking options not too far from the beach, but expect a little walk. The closest public restrooms are on Diamond St, three blocks north of the Pier.

The Verdict: If you’re looking to catch the San Diego surf for the first time, Pacific Beach is the place to do it. With a friendly atmosphere and gentle waves, Pacific Beach is the perfect place to learn how to surf – which is why we have our surf lessons here!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pacific Beach considered a hidden gem in San Diego?

Pacific Beach is considered a hidden gem due to its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful beaches that offer excellent surfing opportunities, diverse dining and entertainment options, outdoor activities, and a strong sense of community. It offers a relaxed coastal experience close to downtown but away from the city’s buzz.

Pacific Beach is the place to start if you have just picked up surfing and are willing to enhance your skills. The waves throughout the year are gentle and consistent, with a sandy bottom, ideal for learning without risk of injuries. However in Winter when bigger swells arrive, so do bigger waves, drawing in more seasoned surfers who not only welcome the challenge; but pray for it.

A towel, bathing suit, sunscreen (if weather requires), water, sweatshirt, sweatpants when it is overcast or cloudy, lunch or a snack. A hat and sunglasses are optional.

You don’t need to have any prior experience in surfing; that is what we’re here for, to walk you through all the steps to becoming a great surfer, all the way from the very basics to the daunting maneuvers. Some physical preparation is important though, since surfing is a very physically demanding sport. So consider some cardiovascular practices, some core and upper-body strength training, and some stretches for flexibility.

Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, it makes no difference. We surf in any weather.

Beginner and intermediate surfers typically prefer spring and summer for their gentler waves, pleasant weather, and warmer water. On the other hand, fall and winter are favored by experienced surfers due to larger swells, increased offshore winds, and consistent, challenging waves. Our instructors offer personalized guidance regardless of conditions, adapting to your skill level.

Please arrive in the area 20 minutes prior to the start of our surf instructions to secure a parking spot and complete the signing of your surf waiver (release form).