10 Tips on How to Choose a Wetsuit

Choosing a wetsuit can be challenging, especially when transitioning into a different season. Most of the time surfing in a place like San Diego means that surfers can count on good weather most of the year. Just in case you happen to choose a surf destination with transitioning seasons, here are some helpful tips on how to pick a spring suit:
Set a budget. Wetsuits can be costly so make a budget and read up on all the different wetsuits in your price range.
Find the right brand. Stop by your local surf shop to find a surf brand that suits your budget. Depending on size measurements, each surf brand will cut their suits differently.
Compare the neoprene thickness. Compare each suit that you look at. Spring suits are in the 1-2mm range. If you consider the temperature of water when searching for a suit, then finding the right neoprene thickness should be less of a hassle.
Be comfortable in your suit. This means checking all seams to make sure the suit is in good condition before you purchase it. You want to be comfortable in the water, so you’re suit should be tight but not constricting.
Stretch! Make sure you can move around in your suit. Do a stretch test by moving your arms and legs to determine if you’ll be able to move in the water.
Check the insulation. Some suits have heat repelling and water resistant lining; turn the suit inside out to check for these features.
Find the right fit! Important things to look out for when trying on your wetsuit are a good seal at the neck and a fit that’s not too baggy in the lower back or under the arms. This bagginess can cause irritation and friction.
Don’t get discouraged. Some people feel discouraged when they have to buy a wetsuit that doesn’t reflect their dress size. Don’t worry about this because most companies will either run larger or smaller.
Check for a warranty. Yes, wetsuits have warranties too. It’s good to know that after a search for your perfect wetsuit, you can get it replaced if something on it were to break.
Choose your style. Choose a suit that reflects your style. Everyone has his or her unique reason for surfing. So, choose a suit that shows off your uniqueness. Don’t forget to choose a suit not just for design, but for proper fit too.