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Kids Surf Camps San Diego:
Sun, Sea, and Surf (5-17 Years)

All-Season Surfs: Dive into Our San Diego Surf Camps

Welcome to San Diego Surf School, the ideal destination for surf camps in San Diego. Immerse yourself in a great wave adventure and discover why we are the champions in providing the best surf experience in Southern California.

With a team of certified lifeguard experts, we are dedicated to igniting the stoke in beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Whether you’re just starting out or a sea enthusiast, our instructors are here to transform you into a wave wizard from your very first day.

Explore our incredible range of lessons and join our surf tribe at our surf camps.


Summer Surf Camps

Book a summer experience with our San Diego surf camps that will take your love for surfing to new heights. Whether you choose our half-day or full-day options, we guarantee an immersive, action-packed adventure. Our camps typically last for five days, giving you ample time to develop your skills and build lasting memories. 

Prices start at $94 for one-day camps and $305  for five-day camps (plus service fee). Choose from a selection of stunning beaches, including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, to suit your surfing preferences. Join our group surf lessons led by seasoned instructors for an enjoyable and educational experience.

Spring Surf Camps: Experience the Vibrance

Embrace the spirit of spring with our spring surf camps and embark on a special surf journey. Choose between our half-day or full-day options to tailor your experience. Our camps typically span over a 5-day period, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the spring vibes. 

Prices start at $94 for one-day camps and $305 for five-day camps (plus service fee). Select from our beach options, including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, and get ready to ride the waves of excitement.

Spring Surf Camp
Fall Surf Camp (2 Days)

Fall Surf Camps

Experience the beauty of fall while riding the waves in our fall surf camps. Choose between our half-day or full-day options to customize your surf adventure. Our camps typically span over a 5-day period, giving you ample time to master your skills amidst the autumn breeze. 

Prices start at $165 for one-day camps and $485 for five-day camps (plus service fee). Take your pick from our array of beaches, including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, for a fall surfing experience.

Winter Surf Camps

Embark on a winter adventure with our winter surf camps and experience the unmatched beauty of surfing during the colder months. Choose between our half-day or full-day options for a thrilling surf experience that will last from dawn to dusk. Our camps typically run for three days, providing you with ample opportunity to develop your skills and embrace the winter ocean vibes. 

Prices start at $165 for one-day camps and $485 for five-day camps (plus service fee). Take your pick from various picturesque beaches, including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, to catch those perfect winter waves.


Boogie Board Surf Camps: Ride the Waves Low

Discover the thrill of boogie boarding with our boogie board surf camps. Designed for children who are new to surfing, these camps provide a fun and safe environment to learn and ride the waves. Choose between our half-day or full-day options to suit your schedule. Our camps typically last for 3 days, allowing plenty of time for skill development. 

Prices start at $94 for one-day camps and $305 for five-day camps (Plus service fee). Explore our selection of beautiful beaches, including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, and join us for a special boogie-boarding adventure.

What Sets Our San Diego Surf Camps Apart

Explore San Diego

Our camps offer more than just thrilling surf experiences. Explore San Diego’s serene beaches with our San Diego surf camps. Bask in the sun, sink your toes in the sand, and conquer the waves while gaining an appreciation for the ocean ecosystem.  

You’ll also dive into the marine world. Discover the essence of the stunning coastal landscapes and depart with a newfound love for them.

Join the Community Vibes

Experience the incredible sense of camaraderie at our Surf Camps. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for surfing, adventure, and exploration. Our community of surfers is known for their open-mindedness, experiences, and excitement to meet new people. 

A surf holiday with us is an opportunity to forge meaningful connections and create lasting memories with fellow stoked surfers.

Ocean Beach Location

Our location in Ocean Beach provides fun surf lessons and consistent conditions all year round – great for all surfing levels. The quaint neighborhood of Ocean Beach is a vibrant, bohemian surf town a few short miles from San Diego Airport and within minutes from Point Loma, Cabrillo National Monument and Mission Valley. 

The surf in Ocean Beach offers some of the most consistent conditions in the city of San Diego proper, great for beginners as well as more advanced surfers.

Pacific Beach Location

Pacific Beach provides great year-round conditions – perfect for all surfing levels.

Not to mention Pacific Beach’s thriving surf culture. This nice, friendly beach break offers consistent beginner and intermediate waves for both regular and goofy-footed surfers. Pacific Beach is a popular surfing spot known for consistent beginner and intermediate waves. Locals especially enjoy hitting the waves around sunrise and sunset.

Licensed and Permitted Instructors

Your safety and learning journey is our top priority. Our surf camps are led by instructors who have been licensed and permitted by the City of San Diego. With their experience and qualifications, you can feel confident that you are in capable hands. Our certified experts are dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable surfing experience. Trust us to guide you on your learning path, as our team emphasizes both your progress and enjoyment.

Water Safety, First Aid & CPR Certified

Your safety is our priority! Our instructors are certified in water safety, first aid, and CPR, ensuring that you are in capable hands throughout your surfing experience. With our team’s expertise and training, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are prepared to handle any situation that may arise. 

Join us for a safe and exciting surf adventure, knowing that your well-being is our top concern.

Cale - "Paleboy"

Bio: The platinum-haired grown-up-grom from the rocky coast of New England, Cale has been surfing since age 14 and has a passion for sharing his knowledge with surfers of any skill level. Cale enjoys skating and working on his motorcycle outside the water. In the water, Cale has a gift for making tiny waves look epic. He is a certified coach through Water Safety Specialists and the International Surfing Association.

Favourite Surfboard: 5’2 Fish

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: OB Sushi – Ocean Beach

Brooks - "Big-Time"

Bio: The converted snow child from the mountains of Eastern Cal, Brooks is often seen surfing backwards, upside-down, inside-out, and in any other unconventional way. Brooks takes on big surf without hesitation and is known to impress the beach crowd. Along with surfing, Brooks enjoys fishing and exploring the reefs at low tide. He is certified through Water Safety Specialists to teach surfing lessons.

Favourite Surfboard: Bessell 6′ Simmons

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: Coasterra – Shelter Island

Lily - "Raz"

Bio: Lily brings electric energy to the beach. She can swim faster than a dolphin and can ride waves unbelievably well. A dedicated waterwoman, Lily swims the buoy each morning and does so in what seems like record time. Catch her cross-stepping her longboard through and around the crowd at Law St. Beach, she has some incredible style! She is also a former competitive surfer, participating in our own San Diego Surf School youth competitions. Lily is certified by water safety specialists to instruct surfing lessons.

Favourite Surfboard: 9’0 Noserider

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood – Pacific Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer transportation to the beach?

We do not offer transportation to the beach but the office is walking distance to the beach (3-4 min walk); we appreciate your understanding in making your own transportation arrangements there.

The average age of participants: 5-17.

Surfboards, Wetsuits, Snacks, Pictures, T-shirts, Pizza Wednesday!

July through August is widely recommended as the best period to experience our surf camps. You can expect favorable weather conditions, consistent waves, and a vibrant surfing community during these months. 

Unfortunately not, since they could be a hazard.

A towel, bathing suit, sunscreen (if weather requires), water, sweatshirt, and sweatpants when it is overcast or cloudy; a hat and sunglasses are optional.

Getting ready for your surfing camp involves preparing your body for the physical demands of this exhilarating sport. To excel in surfing, you’ll need some upper body strength. Here are some exercises to help you gear up for your upcoming camp.