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San Diego Paddle Boarding

The latest craze is stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP. Why the craze? SUP provides excellent core strengthening and fitness, along with balance and proprioception originating from ancient surfing. Stand-up paddle boarding engages the abdominal muscles, trunk, back stabilizers, quads, thigh muscles, and the upper body, making it a great full-body strengthening activity while providing the chance to enjoy the sun and water. SUP lends itself to everyone; many enjoy paddle boarding rentals at a lake, the bay, and the ocean.

Paddle boarding surf lessons are offered in two locations: at the bay on Cass Street (where we launch) or down at the beach (at the end of Law Street). A 2-hour lesson is highly beneficial in either location, allowing the perfect amount of time to get the hang of paddle boarding.

It’s a great upper-body and core workout while having fun and getting a tour of beautiful Mission Bay. We will bring all paddle board rentals to the bay or beach so there’s nothing for you to haul around.


North Pacific Beach (Law Street)

An instructor will work individually with you on surfing technique to ensure that you learn the right way from the start. We start you off easy with the basics and give you a foundation to build on.

If you’ve been thinking about it do not hesitate any longer. Come learn how to surf from professional instructors that will ensure that you have a positive and memorable experience. Surfboards and wetsuits are provided.

Standup Paddle Board Lessons & Rentals

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1/hr lesson

2/hr lesson

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All Ages & Abilities All equipment included Private lessons are available 7 daysweek

Offered all year long