12 Surf Brands You Should Be Wearing

Thinking of going surfing today? Well, before you get into the waves, why don't you travel there in some fashionable surf gear? Here are 12 of some of the best surf brands around:

The Critical Slide Society

Surfing, art and fashion? This brand combines all of these elements into the apparel’s style. This is a fun brand that reflects an effortless style. With muted colors and fun prints, this apparel is for those who love to hit the beach in breezy clothing. 


This brand was created with surfers in mind. Shinya Hasegawa is the creator of the brand and is a surfer himself. Inspired by 1960s and 1980s surf and outdoor gear, Battenwear was created because Hasegawa needed some gear that would keep up with his lifestyle of surfing year-round and traveling up and down the East Coast. If you’re a traveling surfer like Shinya, then travel Battenwear while embracing the 60s and 80s

Cuisse de Grenouille

This brand was created in the city of love. You guessed it…  Paris! Founded by Lucas and Severin Bonnichon, this brand's design will woo other surfing ladies. It’s known as the brand for the “gentlemen surfer.” This brand channels vintage California surf culture and sophistication. You’ll be sure to impress in this get-up.

Birdwell’s Beach Britches

This is a simple classic that has been around since the 60s. All you have to do is choose a style you like, a color and fabric. It’s that easy to pick an article of surf clothing at Birdwell’s. There motto is “We don’t build 1000 things. We build one thing 1000 ways.” So, if you’re a minimalistic kind of person, then you’ll enjoy this brand. It’s simple and offers many variations of one style. 


This brand made surf trunks necessary in the surf world. When one of the founders, Walter Katin, created a pair of trunks made of boat cover canvas almost every surfer in the West Coast could be spotted with Katin trunks on. The style of Katin is described as low-key and comfortable.


True surf junkies know about this brand. This brand can only be found in Spain and was founded in San Sebastian by Lutz Schwenke. You can find some of the best surf spots in this city, which is why this brand combines surfing and environmentalism and embraces the motto, “Protect what you love.”


You can go down under to find this brand. Founded by Drew Down in Sydney, Australia, Insight is a brand that embraces surfers who also dabble in other sports and activities, like skating, art and music. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go down under to find this brand because it’s in over 40 countries. Grab some Insight gear to embrace your inner surfer and musician. 


This brand is for the fashionable surfer. Founded in New York City by Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall, Saturdays reflects New York fashion and combines it with beachy surf fashion. This is surf clothing that can be worn anywhere, like in an office environment, on a date night or at the beach. It allows the fashionable surfer to have as sense of style while embracing the surf culture. 

Lightning Bolt

Founded in 1970 by Jack Shipley and Gerry Lopez, Lightning Bolt offers surf clothing for clean cut surfers, and surfers who prefer a style that is not so clean cut. With choices for men and women, this brand is laid back and comfortable. It’s a favorite that suits many surfer’s styles.


You may know this brand to be associated with climbing, but it also tends to the surf culture. Patagonia uses environmentally low-impact materials in their clothes. This brand is high quality and popular because it supports keeping the environment safe and surf friendly. It’s top of the line, simple and stylish.


This brand has a retro vibe. It was founded in San Francisco by John McCambridge. Mollusk set itself apart from other brands by creating apparel that was simple and is made of material that is good quality. 


After World War II, M.Nii created the world’s first surf trunks in Hawaii. This brand was founded in 1951 by Minoru Nii, and picked back up again in 2012 by Randy Hild and John Moore. You can find popular board shorts by this brand and some relaxed clothing as well. 

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