8 Ways to Prepare for a Surf Trip

Planning on going on a surf trip? A surf trip is an exciting adventure where all you have to do is focus on surfing. That’s the life! There a few things that you should do to prepare yourself for your trip. Follow these tips and you should be ready for your trip.

Surfing Trip San Diego

Do What You Love. Surf!

To prepare yourself and train for your surf trip, the best thing to do is surf - a lot. Try to surf most of the week if you can. Even if you have to wake up early or surf in water that’s not the best surf. Surf as much as possible.

Hit the Pool

If you can’t surf because the surf conditions are terrible, then go to your local pool or your gym to hit the pool. This will keep you fit, your arms strong enough to paddle. This will give you very good cardio.  

Exercise Your Legs

Go on a run to workout your legs. You can run on the beach for a soft sand run, which is an awesome workout for your legs. You’ll spend a lot of time standing on your board on your surf trip, so you’ll thank yourself for working out your legs.


Go to the gym and do exercises to improve your surfing. For paddling, do a dumbbell row over an exercise ball. For duck diving, do the hindu pushup. One leg burpees will help you with your pop up. A traveling cable woodchop is going to help you with turning. An exercise called the Surfer Get UP to BOSU Jump On will help you with landing an aerial. 


After all of your training - surfing, swimming, running - you’ll need to do some stretches. Stretching will do wonders. 

Prep Your Belly

A good piece of advice to take before going on a surf trip is to build up your digestive system with probiotics before you go overseas (if you’re going overseas). If you’re going overseas, then you’ll need to prepare your belly. 

Put On Some Extra Pounds

While you’re preparing for your surf trip, it’s a great time to put on some weight. With all the surfing you’ll be doing, it’s likely that you’ll drop a few pound son your trip. Indulge in carbs to put on those extra pounds.

Get Excited

Get yourself stocked for your trip! Watch some surf movie, go to surfing, talk about with your friends. Your trip is going to be a great experience. Get excited!



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