7 Little Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Surfing

Once you've mastered surfing basics, you may wonder what you can do to become a better surfer. Make these seven small changes to the way you surf, and you're sure to see and feel the results. 

1. Wax your board correctly. 

Remove any old wax, then apply a base coat using small spirals. After that, use the wax, making sure it's the right kind of your water temperature.

2. Learn to pick your waves.


According to Australian surfing coach Martin Dunn, the best type of waves to paddle for are "half-built" swells. These are waves that haven't broken yet and are just starting to gain momentum. Learning to judge waves can take time and experience.

3. Work on your paddling technique.

Don't paddle with both arms at the same time; alternate arms like you would if you were swimming. Keep your hands cupped. If you have proper paddling technique, you won't have to work as hard paddling for a wave.

4. Always look up when you stand up.


If you look down at your feet, you will fall. There are several ways to stand up on a surfboard, but whichever way you choose, you need to do it quickly. Experts recommend practicing this on dry land as often as possible, so your body will know what to do when you're in the water.

5. Check your posture.


It's important to keep a low center of gravity when you're standing up to surf. Check your positions at home in a mirror, or ask a friend who surfs to help you.

6. Be conscious of your board position.


Keep your front foot right in the middle of the board and place your back foot opposite of the front of your fins. Slide your back foot towards the tail for quick adjustments and turns.

7. Take a Class.


Beginning surfers will greatly benefit from surfing lessons. Taking a class can also help an intermediate or even an advanced surfer perfect his or her technique. Surf instructors can give you perspective on what you're doing right and what you could improve on.

The best way to get better at surfing is to practice. Implement these seven small changes, and you'll find you enjoy surfing even more.


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