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San Diego stand up paddle boarding lessons are a great alternative to surfing.  Not only does stand up paddle boarding provide an upper body workout, it promotes core stability and trunk control.

Many use SUP boarding as a cross-training activity, while others find it a tranquil way to spend the afternoon along the coast of some of San Diego’s best beaches: La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

So whether you’ve surfed for years and are looking for a nice cross training activity, or simply want to enjoy the remedies of the pacific surf, we at San Diego Surf School will customize a private stand up paddle boarding lesson unique to you and/or your group from one of our professional SUP boarding instructors.

Lessons will be customized to include:

  • Fundamentals of stance
  • SUP board control
  • Wave timing
  • Proper exit and entry into the break
  • Most importantly - SUP FUN!

Instruction can be easily progressed to those hoping to gain more skill and technique for a more challenging stand up paddle board experience.

Paddle boards and wetsuits can also be rented for a half-day or full-day. Please call ahead or book online, however walk-ins are always welcome!

*Pricing includes wetsuit and paddleboard.

*Lessons are held at the law street ramp at Pacific Beach.