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Intermediate Surf Lessons San Diego

When it comes to water activities San Diego has it all. With the ocean on the west side and the bay on the east, you have your pick of crashing waves or calm water. At Mission Bay, San Diego locals and tourists alike love renting boats and jet skis to cruise around, or kayaks and paddle boards from the Aquatic Center. At the beach, everyone can take a crack at swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, and (our favorite!) surfing the waves.

San Diego locals and visitors alike love taking walks along the boardwalk and beaches, taking advantage of the great views and fantastic shops along the way. The boardwalk is famous for its high quality restaurants with ocean views, and local shops (from clothing to jewelry, to surf gear!).

San Diego Surfing Lessons - Intermediate

San Diego Surf School has the best surf lessons around. We have locations throughout San Diego to help make sure everyone has access to the wonderful sport of surfing! Our Intermediate Surf Lessons are flexible and tailored to the experience of the student. We offer Intermediate Surf Lessons at our locations in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach.

The San Diego Surf School team is passionate about helping you grow to love surfing as much as they do. Our team of licensed instructors have experience working with all ages and ability levels. For our intermediate level surf lessons, the instructors work with you to build on your current knowledge and abilities, and fill in the gaps.

Be sure to communicate with your instructor about what you want to learn and if there is anything you are struggling with so that they can best help you achieve your goals!

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Do you live in San Diego and want to improve your surfing? San Diego Surf School has a variety of Surf Lessons just for you! Our Intermediate Surf Lessons are perfect for people who already know the basics and are looking to advance their skills. No matter your place in your surfing journey, or your age, if you are looking for Intermediate surf lessons, San Diego Surf School has you covered.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our surf lessons and sign up today! We can’t wait to see you getting out there on the waves and having fun!

San Diego Surf School

Looking for a surfing intensive either for you or for your kids? San Diego Surf School offers surf camps for kids, and adult surf retreats all throughout the year. Our camps and retreats range from 1 day to 5 day options, for up to a whole week of surfing fun! You will take to the water with the help of our dedicated instructors, who know how to tailor their lessons around your current knowledge and experience.

Surfing has proven to have many benefits for people of all ages, from kids to seniors! Sign up for an Intermediate Surf Camp or Retreat today!

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Ocean Beach

5040 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, Ca 92107

(858) 205-7683​​

Sun - Sat: 9am-5pm.

Pacific Beach

4850 Cass St. San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 205-7683

Sun - Sat: 9am-5pm.