My husband & 2 kids ages 11 & 8 called the same day and were able to book a 1.5 hr lesson. None of us had any prior surfing experience. We checked in at the office to pay & sign waivers then walked to the beach where we were greeted by friendly staff under their orange tent. We were able to leave a few of our personal items (backpack, towels, etc) under the tent & had no problems. Our lesson was with Cody & Dave and I can’t say enough great things about them. They were exactly what we expected as far as surfer-dudes go. Both had a great sense of humor, super personable and never laughed at us :). After putting on our wet suits, we went through a short talk/lesson on the beach about safety tips and how to “pop-up” on the board. All four of us made it up on a wave within our first three attempts. We never got deeper than chest deep. Dave and Cody gave helpful tips after each one of our attempts to tell us what we did wrong- i.e.- waiting too long to pop-up, getting to far up on the board, etc. Much to our own surprise, we were all able to improve fairly quickly. Cody and Dave did an excellent job keeping an eye out for our kids and I never worried about our safety. There are relatively clean public restrooms close by at the top of the steps. If we’re back in San Diego, we’d definitely do this again. It was our most memorable experience as a family on this trip.

BND, Savannah Georgia (Tripadvisor 6/15/15)